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The Abbey - Photo Gallery & Remodel Updates
New Exterior Photo 08.12
New Exterior Photo 2_08.12
Front Porch
Close Up Abbey - Black and White
The Abbey - Arbor
The Abbey - Tower
The Abbey - Wraparound Porch
Natchez Bed Wrought Iron Headboard
San Francisco Chandelier
Abbey Sign
Abbey Sign Black & White
Arch Detail
San Francisco Ceiling
Entrance Staircase
Chandelier New Orleans
Dining Room Light
Front Door
Newport Door
Newport 1
Newport 3
Newport 4
Charleston Door
Charleston 1
Charleston 2
Charleston 3
Charleston 4
Saratoga Door
Saratoga Bathroom Doors
Saratoga Bathroom
Saratoga Corner
Front Parlor Corner
Front Parlor Antique Piano
Front Parlor Piano 2
Black and White Trim Detail
Black and White Trim Detail 2
Front Porch Corner
Front Porch
Pencil Drawing of The Abbey
Photo Credits:  Laura Weidman
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Please go to Photo Gallery 2 & 3 pages to see complete Summer 2012 renovations!
Kissing Ball in the Library
Vestibule Tree
Dining Room Christmas Decorations
Library Christmas Tree
Magnolia Arrangement in the Library
Dining Room Table
Dining Room Table 2
Dining Room Decorations 2
Foyer Trees
Banister Bow
Piano Decorations
Christmas 2012 at The Abbey
New Slate Walkway
Back Porch Ferns
Front Porch Planters
Front Garden Planter
Entrance Planters
New soil and grass seed and planters
Swanosaurus :)
Front porch and flower baskets
More Flowers
And more flowers
Little boy statue
New Planters
Spring Clean Up and New Plantings 2013 by Good Neighbor Detail Management